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“Humor and information literacy” – Scott Sheidlower’s new book

York librarian Scott Sheidlower and co-author Joshua Vossler  provide advice and strategies on how to use humor to encourage student learning during librarian-led instruction sessions.     From a review in the Colorado Libraries journal:   “Vossler and Sheidlower focus on ways to make library instruction sessions interesting.  … Recommended for academic and school instruction librarians who are looking for a new way to breathe life into what can sometimes be a monotonous and repetitive presentation. “     Humor and information literacy was also selected for the “Books to check out” column of Computers in Libraries, in October 2011.

A longer review from John Drobnicki is in the York College library newsletter Passport Password for summer 2012, page 4.


Joshua Vossler and Scott Sheidlower. Humor and Information Literacy: Practical Techniques for Library Instruction. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited, 2011.


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