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Teaching & assessing information literacy for graduate students

Teaching & assessing information literacy for graduate students
Shawnta Smith, Graduate Center

An overview of information literacy at the Graduate Center as a primarily one-on-one instruction-based process. In this session, participants were led through a Prezi presentation staged as a social network which outlined the collaborative and individualized practices of graduate student instruction.

Notable points of conversation included:
– Characteristics of Graduate Students as a scholarly community
– Digital Instruction and implications for librarians
– Liaison roles and inter-departmental collaborative instruction
– Resource sharing as a primary function of graduate student research thereby, supplying instruction on information in a larger context
– Archival Instruction and use of digital tools for students as content creators
– Scholarly Communication its implications for students who are publishing, presenting papers, considering issues of copyright, and how the library participates in these functions, ie. The Dissertation or The Institutional Repository

More information can be found on the Prezi, linked here:

Facilitator: Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz, Reference Librarian, The Graduate Center

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