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Embedding Instruction: A Conversation on Strategies

Iris Finkel,
Reference and Instruction Librarian/Visiting Lecturer
Hunter College Libraries



  • Hunter: Iris presented her experience in Modernism and the Image
    • What worked?
      • Being proactive by following student blog posts and commenting when appropriate
      • Training on finding images from open access sources
      • Research guidance
    • What didn’t?
      • Not enough in-class instruction time for librarian
  • Middlesex:
    • Too difficult to fully embed; not enough librarians — too many teaching sessions
    • Course management system: Campus Cruiser
    • Attempted to embed but technology glitch – collaboration status in course not working so scratched embedded model
    • Uses Remind to contact students
  • Laguardia:
    • Has brown bag lunches for library faculty to review different databases(Alexandra suggested that Jeff use CC license on website)


  • Time – suggest attend 1x a month to establish relationship with students
  • Scale – how to scale with limited amount of librarians


  • Suggest embedding in class 1x a month vs. one shot
  • Use different platforms for communicating with students
    • Example: City Tech Open Labs
  • Laguardia Center for Teaching and Learning – Inquiry assignments; information literacy sessions for faculty; application to participate