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Panel discussion on “Information Literacy and Workplace Readiness” on April 27

Session on  “Information Literacy and Workplace Readiness” April 27

Today more than ever, success in the classroom and in the workforce depends on the ability to evaluate a rapidly expanding pool of specialized information. Information competence involves a complex set of critical thinking skills to find, evaluate, contextualize and communicate information using technology. Employees who are information competent can think critically in the context of an increasingly extensive amount of information. They can solve real-world problems using a wide range of technologies to find, evaluate, contextualize and communicate information.

The “Workplace Readiness” session, sponsored by CUNY’s Library Information Literacy Advisory Committee, will be a chance for librarians and other faculty as well as career placement professionals to hear how well we are doing in preparing early career professionals with the critical thinking skills they need to succeed in the workforce. Representatives from various fields, e.g. telecommunications, allied health, non-profits, and law will be invited to speak with an audience of librarians, subject faculty, and the staff from CUNY placement offices.

Speakers will address particular gaps they see in employee preparation and the skills needed to thrive in the workplace. The program will provide ample opportunity for discussion and idea generation about how to close the gaps. Participants will take away a broader understanding of the requirements for success in the 21st Century workforce, as well as suggested strategies and tactics for how better to prepare students for their lives beyond academia.


UPDATE: registration is now open!  Register at http://metro.org/events/174/

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