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The White Paper on Facilitating Discovery of Free Online Content

More and more free web resources are available. As we always expect, some are not so good, some are good, and some are really good. The availability of free web resources has become an important issue that librarians have to deal with. A recent white paper commissioned by Taylor & Francis reveals current status. Key findings, to quote from Taylor & Francis, are:


Research Headlines

  • 92% of librarians agree that free online resources are ‘very important’
  • Librarians feel they are well-placed to provide expertise in free content selection and discovery
  • 84% of respondents said that 10% or less of their time was currently devoted to indexing free online content
  • Key challenges for librarians relating to making free resources more discoverable within their institutions are: volume  growth, unknown permanence, and difficulties relating to quality assessment;
  • The most important criteria for selection of free online access was relevance of that content to the institution’s activities  but brand and reputation factors were also key.
  • Librarians are already investing in understanding their user community needs and in developing their catalogue interfaces accordingly.


To read the White Paper: